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Dr. Keith To's Program

We do not train, we develop people!
We do not help you, we help you to help more people helping themselves!

Institute of Systemic Development

The Excel Institute of Systemic Development is going to be our major area of focus in the coming years. Nothing is more important than the ability to think systemically!

1. Systemic Thinking Course:

The very first program of our institute of systemic development is the Systemic Thinking Course, which equips you with all the thinking techniques needed to be a Systemic
Thinker and Developmentalist.

The Systemic Thinking Course is firstly done in 2006 and it is done every 2 to 3 years. Our next workshop will be in 2014! Click Here for more information.


2. Systemic Thinking Course Level 2:

Advanced program of our well-known Systemic Thinking Course, which makes you an advanced Systemic Thinker and Developmentalist.

Our first class had been completed in 2012 and it will be done every 2 to 3 years. Our next class is scheduled in 2014! Click Here for more information.


3. Neuro-Mentalogy:

Scientific Personal Development!

A program which based on research findings of Neuro-Science. You are going to learn and acquire many workable techniques in developing yourself and others.

No B.S! All techniques are based on real scientific researches!

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4 . NLP in Systems Thinking:

Collaboration of NLP and Systems Thinking!

You are going to learn how to model the world using both NLP and Systems Thinking together. They add power to each others, when one knows how to do so!

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5 . Systemic Business Designer:

If you want to build a substainable and forever growing business, this program is for you.

Both systemic and systematic methodogy of thinking & designing will be included in ths 8-hours intensive program. You are also going to learn how Japanese can still substain their economy even though after years of recession!

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More programs are coming. Come back later for details.


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