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We do not train, we develop people!
We do not help you, you help yourself to make more people helping themselves!

Resources Area

I will continuously add more free resources in this area.

1. Ericksonian Induction: This is an audio recording of a demonstration on Ericksonian Induction.

Audio Recording of Ericksonian Induction

2. You want some trainings totally Free of Charge? Go to Don't miss it.

3. Bullet-Proof Yourself and Your Career Check List.

4. How to Bullet-Proof Yourself: Audio Recording of the lived Mini-Seminar (Feb 18 2004)

Audio Recording of How to Bullet-Proof Yourself

5. Art of War Ebook by Sun Tze: So many people requested download of this ebook, so I include here in our resources area.

6. Audio Recordings of Keith To's Training: go to

Others are coming, come back later to find out more!


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