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POS Personal Operating System Audio Recordings Download Page

The POS Program is one of my free programs conducted in 2007. Over 400 people had participated in the program to learn how they can design their own POS for an easier and happier life!

If you missed it, I won't relaunch it in the near future!

Don't worry, I had prepared the best part of the program as MP3 files for you to downlad and learn at your own pace. There is well over 135 minutes of audio recording!

Just right click your mouse and choose "Save As" to download each and every files below: (The recordings are in Cantonese Chinese 廣東話錄音)

1. What is POS? 什麼是POS?

2. Learning - Learning Directions 學習方向

3. Self Analysis - SLOT Analysis 自我分析

4. Self Reflection - Reflect on Past 自我反思

5. Life Commands 1-4 人生指令

6. Near Environment - Market 你的市場

7. Near Environment - Assets 你的資產

8. POS Principles

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