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We do not train, we develop people!
We do not help you, we help you to help more people!

Level 3 Secrets Seminar


All the Level 3 Secrets will be Disclosed in this New Seminar





















一個原本兩天,決定減為一天的課程! (因我要強迫自己只談重點!)

This "Secret" Seminar is only for a selected few! We only accomodate less than 10 or a bit more ;-) participants.

You can learn Level 1 Secrets of Influencing in many places. They become not much a "secret" as more and more people knows about them. They losed their influential effects. When you use them, people know and resist!

You might be able to get the Level 2 Secrets from some limited sources. These are great stuff. I teach some of the Level 2 Secrets in our Hypno-Selling Program and the Hypno-Persuasion Program.

Level 3 Secrets? Highly Confidential, Best-Kept Secrets!

The Level 3 Secrets Seminar are the result of years of researches. These secrets are simple but powerful. The most amazing part of Level 3 Secrets is that they are so simple, so you do NOT even need practise to make them productive immediately!

I had never disclosed the Level 3 Secrets in my seminars. They are secret persuasion weapons of the higest potency.

To some people, the fee can be high. But when you learned what you are going to learn in the workshop, you will agree with me that the material you gained is at least worth 10 times more than what you paid!

If you are really using the techniques learned, you can at least double your earning!

Application of what you are going to learn
: You can use them to sell, to persuade and to negotiate anything!

Date: Aug 18 2007!
(Over 20 smart participants learned all these super-intelligent Level 3 Secrets!!!)

Fee: Very Expensive at HK$10,800

Registration: Send a email to and tell me you want to register. Once all the spaces are filled up, I will not accept any more registration.

P.S. You are not allowed to audio-record during the seminar and you must sign an agreement of not disclosing any content of the material taught in the seminar. This keeps the Level 3 Secrets always a secret!

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